Katie Vincent

World Champion Sprint Canoer

thumbnail for gunna miss the teens after a few awesome weeks in florida cant wait

Gunna miss the “teens” after a few awesome weeks in Florida! Can’t wait for more GAFun in the future! 🛶🚀🌊🐬🌴(I am old now)

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Happy to finish the season with two golds from the Sprint Canoe Super Cup in Linyi, China! Thanks Planet Canoe for another great event. See you next season!

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Thanks @planetcanoe for another great super cup, it’s always nice to hangout with the best from our sport! Feels good to end a tough season with 🥇🥇! (And meeting #minime) Now, it’s time for a kitkat!!!! 📸💐 @stensils 😍 @ Linyi City.


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Today marks the first time Women’s Canoe has ever had a qualification race for the Olympics. History was made. I didn’t have my perfect race but we got the job done. CANADA WILL BE AT THE TOKYO OLYMPICS!!!!! There is a still a long road to go and we may have hit a road block but it is not a dead end, we just have to take a detour. Today, let’s just celebrate sport moving forward. #icfsprint #wepaddle #theLONGroadtoTokyo #teamcanada #stripespotting

thumbnail for feeling the nostalgia as our canoekayakcan team heads off to romania

Feeling the nostalgia as our @canoekayakcan team heads off to Romania for the Junior/U23 worlds today. I’ve been so lucky to attend every addition of the @planetcanoe event since its debut in 2013 and I am even more grateful for this collection of hardware🥇🥈🥈🥇🥈🥇🥇🥇. Each medal and race tells a story and there is a special place in my heart for every time the 🇨🇦 flag rises and the anthem plays. I have countless amazing memories from these trips: “the burp”, Lost & found forums, a nap that went wrong, and new faces becoming familiar ones as sport brings the world together. Best of luck to the Canadian athletes, can’t wait to watch and cheer from home!!!!

WePaddle #ICFSprint #3peat

PS- the AP is at “the place”

thumbnail for last week in the sunshine state before heading back up to canada next

Last week in the Sunshine State before heading back up to Canada! Next step is Canadian Trials and then we are off to Europe for some World Cups! Go Canada!

thumbnail for its not always about being tough i think i nailed it in this pic this

It’s not always about being tough... (I think i nailed it in this pic) This was a weekend when my mental health got me through some big races. I was strong & resilient in my mind though my body was weak & ill. Sometimes it’s the opposite, #BellLetsTaIk about those days.

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I moved to Nova Scotia 5 years ago to pursue sport and academics. I started working with Jan Kruk not long after that. From cold October mornings on Lake Banook to perfect days in Duisburg. Thanks Jan for helping me reach higher levels!

Although I consider Ontario (GO TEAM O!) home, I’ve felt welcomed to Nova Scotia since day one. Thanks to the many people who have been part of our teams centralization. I ❤️ Dartmouth!

Use #teamnsgiveback and Team Nova Scotia will make a donation of $5 to KidSport on your behalf.

wepaddle #dartmouthferry #coffee #crepes #goosecrossing @cscatlantic www.facebook.com/KatieVincentCa⁠…
thumbnail for spending most of the next 2 years down here in florida chasing some

Spending most of the next 2 years down here in Florida chasing some of my dreams while being empowered by women supporting women! CAN Fund’s #150Women is a network of exceptional women coast to coast that started 1 year ago with the purpose of supporting and celebrating our female athletes. This year's #150Women mantra is BE EPIC! Love yourself, be brave, take risks to get what you want in life, and empower women around you to follow your lead. Become a #150Women by donating $150, $250, $1000, $5000 or more.

Visit: canadianathletesnow.ca/150women/ to donate. Instantly you will find out the female athlete you are supporting, receive a tax receipt, and you will be invited to #150Women events.

thumbnail for this month in canada is womens history month here is an article written

This month in Canada is Women’s history month. Here is an article written in 1998 about the Future of Women’s canoe. 20 years later and I am proud to say men and women are equally represented on the international stage! Canoeing has always been a strong tradition in Canada, whether at your cottage or on a race course! It’s safe to say advocates like Sheila #MakeAnImpact.


thumbnail for another great weekend of racing in the books happy birthday laurence_vincentlapointe

Another great weekend of racing in the books. Happy birthday @laurence_vincentlapointe, thanks for another fast ride down the race course! Back to Canada now! 🇨🇦💪

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Photo on the bottom was taken in the summer of 2009, and the photo on the top is from a clip from spring 2014! Everyday I'm working to improve a little bit more! I wonder what things will look like 5 years from now!