Katie Vincent

World Champion Sprint Canoer

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Catching a ride from the dark side

When someone says they don’t like maple syrup... 😠. Always proud to represent 🇨🇦 around the world. Happy Canada Day! #WeTheNorth #WePaddle fun fact: the “C” in C1/C2/C4/C15 stands for “Canadian” style. 📸 Bence Vekassy

@mississaugacanoeclub home regatta in 2006 was probably my first ever race. Looking at this photo reminds me of getting my first singlet, being swallowed by a life jacket, asking @paul.20.100 for money to buy pemeal bacon sandwich, making sure to have the right lane number, and just trying not to tip. I chose to canoe before it was in an Olympics or World Championship. It’s called for a lot of set backs and lack of support but it’s also taught me a lot about doing things for the right reason, resilience, and finding purpose when things get tough. I see this photo and see how far I’ve come, the countless # of strokes, time in Florida, being named to the national team, world cups and world championships, the amazing community around Canada and the world I get to share the sport with and still the little things that have stayed the same... asking @paul.20.100 for breakfast money on race day, catching up with friends between races, trying not to get your singlet too stinky during the day, and @lisadjurfeldt also being around to capture the moment. I am grateful for every part of this journey, taking it day by day... stroke by stroke! #WePaddle Ⓜ️💙

My face when l hear someone suggest going to get crepes after practice. Happy to be back in Dartmouth for a few weeks! @canoekayakcan women’s canoe and kayak teams will be here working (eating crepes) together as we prep for the World Champs! Thanks @cscatlantic & @adckc for all your support while we keep looking for that 1%! #GAFun #Canoe22 #LakeLife