Katie Vincent

World Champion Sprint Canoer

@mississaugacanoeclub home regatta in 2006 was probably my first ever race. Looking at this photo reminds me of getting my first singlet, being swallowed by a life jacket, asking @paul.20.100 for money to buy pemeal bacon sandwich, making sure to have the right lane number, and just trying not to tip. I chose to canoe before it was in an Olympics or World Championship. It’s called for a lot of set backs and lack of support but it’s also taught me a lot about doing things for the right reason, resilience, and finding purpose when things get tough. I see this photo and see how far I’ve come, the countless # of strokes, time in Florida, being named to the national team, world cups and world championships, the amazing community around Canada and the world I get to share the sport with and still the little things that have stayed the same... asking @paul.20.100 for breakfast money on race day, catching up with friends between races, trying not to get your singlet too stinky during the day, and @lisadjurfeldt also being around to capture the moment. I am grateful for every part of this journey, taking it day by day... stroke by stroke! #WePaddle Ⓜ️💙

My face when l hear someone suggest going to get crepes after practice. Happy to be back in Dartmouth for a few weeks! @canoekayakcan women’s canoe and kayak teams will be here working (eating crepes) together as we prep for the World Champs! Thanks @cscatlantic & @adckc for all your support while we keep looking for that 1%! #GAFun #Canoe22 #LakeLife

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Some special moments here in Poznan this week. Solid first stop on the World Cup tour, next weekend we will be lining up in Germany for World Cup 2. Thanks to my teammates and staff for cheering me on during the 5000m! #WePaddle