Katie Vincent

World Champion Sprint Canoer

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Going to miss hanging out with jungle lady & crash daisy everyday. Hopefully we will back together for some training soon. Safely back to 🇨🇦 now. Stay safe, flash my signal if you need a lift to training when this is over. - cat woman

How much do you really lose if you got to enjoy the process? It’s hard not to read the news right now, but it’s important to feel good about what you’re doing everyday. Finding joy in the monotony that is high performance sport... that’s my happy place. For my bday I get to paddle 3 times, enjoy some laughs with my teammates, catch up with my mom, and most important - wash my hands! Couldn’t have asked for a better day. #24 #gettingold #FloridaBaby

Only thing better then DaKines burrito is this @canfund surprise from @lizziebee_23 on international women’s day! Please go click the link in my bio to bid on my singlet from the ICF Super Cup. All donations go back to help Canadian athletes right now on our pursuit of the Olympics! My whole career I’ve been inspired and around many incredible women from around the world but with CANFund 150 Women I can feel the support from our 🇨🇦 women from coast to coast. Thank you CANFund for helping me get closer to my dreams!! #BeEpic! #CanFund

Banana river training: Yield for manatees, merge with dolphins, enjoy the moment ☀️