Katie Vincent

World Champion Sprint Canoer

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ had a lot of great adventures with a lot of great people from Linyi to Tofino to Szeged and many places in between! Looking forward to where 2020 might take me... any recommendations?? #WePaddle #WeTravel

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A silhouette, no regrets, and another GA1 set. 🇨🇦😍 This photo reminds me of one my favourite quotes: “I’m representing me and I’m Canadian” - @avankoeverden . Racing for Canada was my dream since a little girl. I’m lucky I found a sport to let me grow, travel, skip snowstorms, and meet many incredible people. The maple leaf is Canadian symbol and represents all the great things that come from being a Canadian. As an athlete I hope to represent those values on and off the water. #justcanoeit #wepaddle #nouspagayons #proudCanadian

Gunna miss the “teens” after a few awesome weeks in Florida! Can’t wait for more GAFun in the future! 🛶🚀🌊🐬🌴(I am old now)

New plan, same goal. New season, same canal. New purpose, same principles. New mindset, same work ethic. New chapter, same story. Life’s a journey, don’t stop believin! #ikigai #DoItFofYou

Imagine this.. the year is 1497 and you’re sailing across the Atlantic into the unknown... a great day comes when you reach a new shore.. this is your chance! Any name in the world! You name it ... Newfoundland! Very grateful to be on the edge of North America today! #CapeSpear

I moved back home this fall, to the place it all started. Its helping me remind myself of who I am and why I started this journey. Thank you @cbcolympics for capturing the beauty of the river where I first fell in love with this sport. I’ll be keeping the future of our planet in mind today when I vote!!! Let’s protect our planet- lakes, mountains, rivers, oceans!!! • @cbcolympics Rise and Shine, Canada 🌞 Spend a tranquil, calm moment with us before you power through this Election Monday 🗳